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Best Seasons in Major Truffle Regions: A World Guide to Truffle Hunting

Truffles, the elusive gems of the culinary world, have distinct hunting seasons that vary across the globe. Whether it’s the coveted white truffle or the versatile black truffle you’re after, understanding the ideal hunting times is key to a successful truffle adventure. Let’s journey through the prime truffle hunting seasons in some of the world’s most notable regions.

Best Seasons in Major Truffle Regions: World Guide

Delve into the secretive world of truffle hunting, a delicate and time-honored tradition that takes place across the globe. From the sun-dappled groves of Italy to the lush, fertile forests of Australia, each truffle region offers a unique experience, defined by the interplay of the seasons, local ecology, and time-tested hunting methods. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best seasons for truffle hunting in the world’s major truffle regions.

Region Truffle Variety Hunting Season
Italy Winter White Truffle October – January
Italy Summer White Truffle Mid-January – Late April
Italy Winter Black Truffle November – March
Italy Summer Black Truffle May – September
France Périgord Black Truffle November – March
France Burgundy Truffle September – December
Spain Black Truffle November – March
Australia Black Truffle June – August
United States Oregon White Truffle November – March
United States Oregon Black Truffle January – April
United States Périgord Black Truffle Late November – March
UK Burgundy Truffle September – December

Italy: Piedmont and Tuscany

Italy’s Piedmont region, particularly the area around the city of Alba, is world-renowned for its white truffles, while Tuscany is known for its summer truffles. The prime time for truffle hunting in Piedmont is autumn, particularly October and November, when the famous Alba White Truffle Fair is held. In Tuscany, summer truffles can be found from May to September, making it a perfect destination for warm-weather truffle hunting. And what about Umbria? Discover this awesome place.

France: Périgord and Provence

Périgord, in the Dordogne region of France, is known for its black winter truffles, or “black diamonds,” which are in season from December through early March. In Provence, summer truffles, also known as Burgundy truffles, can be found from May to December, offering a wide window of opportunity for those keen to experience this culinary treasure hunt.

To learn more about the intricate art of truffle hunting and how you can partake in this unique experience, consider reaching out to a specialized travel agency, such as Alba City Tours, who can organize a bespoke truffle hunting trip in the heart of Piedmont, Italy.

Embrace the thrill of the hunt and the joy of discovery in the world’s most enchanting truffle regions, guided by the rhythms of nature and the expertise of local truffle hunters.

Truffle Hunting in Italy:

Italy is renowned for its truffles, particularly the white truffles of Alba. The winter white truffle season typically commences in October and lasts until early January. Come mid-January, the summer white truffle season takes over, stretching until late April. Black truffles in Italy also enjoy two seasons: the winter season, which runs from November to March, and the summer season, lasting from May to September.

Italy’s #1 BEST Truffle Hunt!!

Truffle Hunting in France:

France, especially the Périgord region, is another hotspot for black truffle hunting. The prime season for hunting the coveted Périgord black truffle spans from November to March. Burgundy truffles, another French variety, are best sought from September to December.

Truffle Hunting in Spain:

Spain’s truffle scene is dominated by the black truffle, often compared in quality to France’s Périgord variety. The optimal hunting season in Spain aligns with that of France, running from November to March.

Truffle Hunting in Australia:

Australia, a newcomer in the truffle world, primarily cultivates black truffles. The truffle hunting season in Australia is opposite to the European season due to its southern hemisphere location. Here, black truffle hunting can yield fruitful results between June and August.

Truffle Hunting in the United States:

In the United States, different regions offer different truffle varieties. Oregon is famous for its Oregon white truffles, best hunted from November to March, while its Oregon black truffles peak from January to April. In North Carolina, on the other hand, the Périgord black truffle season spans from late November to March.

Truffle Hunting in the UK:

The UK is home to the Burgundy truffle, which, much like in France, can be hunted from September to December.

Month-By-Month Guide: Truffle Hunting in the Best Regions and Cities

Truffle hunting, an age-old tradition, varies across different regions and cities worldwide. Understanding the best time to embark on this exciting journey depends on the local climate, truffle species, and local regulations. In this guide, we explore the optimal truffle hunting seasons in renowned truffle-rich regions and cities, providing a month-by-month breakdown.

Month Oregon, USA Italy France Spain Australia UK
January Oregon Black Truffle Season Winter White Truffle Season in Alba and Piedmont
February Oregon Black Truffle Season Summer White Truffle Season Begins
March End of Oregon Black Truffle Season End of Winter Black Truffle Season End of Winter Black Truffle Season
April Start of Oregon White Truffle Season
May Summer Black Truffle Season Begins
June Start of Black Truffle Season in Manjimup
July Black Truffle Season
August End of Summer Black Truffle Season End of Black Truffle Season
September Start of Alba White Truffle Season Start of Burgundy Truffle Season Start of Burgundy Truffle Season
October Prime time for Alba White Truffle Season Start of Périgord Black Truffle Season Start of Périgord Black Truffle Season
November Start of Oregon White Truffle Season Alba White Truffle Season Périgord Black Truffle Season Périgord Black Truffle Season
December Oregon White Truffle Season Winter White Truffle Season Périgord Black Truffle Season Périgord Black Truffle Season


As we see, the best time for truffle hunting is strongly influenced by the specific truffle variety and the geographic location. Understanding these hunting seasons is crucial to enhancing your truffle hunting experience, whether you’re an aspiring mycophile or a culinary enthusiast seeking the world’s finest flavors. So, equip yourself with this knowledge and set off on your truffle hunting adventure in the season that suits you best!