July 11, 2019
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Best Urbani Black and White Truffle Products for your Business

Welcome to Urbani Truffles USA, six generations dedicated to truffle. Based in NYC Shop online, fresh truffles truffled products, truffle lab, events and news. Registration Promo for your Business, 15% Off on your first order. Discover the products of one of the best Truffle Company in the World.Discover What is a White Truffle, a Black...
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What are the differences in taste between black and white truffles?

What are the differences between black and white truffles?

For those of us, who probably is just getting to hear about truffles for the first time and maybe wondering, “What exactly are ‘white or black truffles’?” In a simple description, White and Black truffles are subterranean fungus (Funghi) that grows in the shadow of oak trees. Although not commonly found, truffles are ranked amongst...
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